Maciej Broniarz

IT specialist, university lecturer, computer systems and networks administrator, IT incident crisis management expert

Lecturer in Forensic Informatics at the Center for Forensic Sciences at the University of Warsaw since 2010. He has given numerous lectures and training courses on cyber security for, among others, the Financial Supervisory Commission, Warsaw University of Technology, the Faculty of Mathematics, Mechanics and Computer Science at Warsaw University, NASK and the Warsaw Bar Council. He is valued for his extensive knowledge, rich practical experience and ability to easily transfer knowledge and explain even the most complex content in an accessible manner. 

During his career, he managed, among others, the Computer Networks Department at the University of Warsaw and the CERT PLIX team. He is an expert in cyber security and computer forensics, working with the law firm of Lesniodorski, Slusarek and Partners and Pietrzak-Sidor, among others. He cooperates with the Bronislaw Geremek Foundation and the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights in R&D projects on combating online crime. He is a member of the Polish Forensic Association.